25 Kick Ass Motivational Quotes

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Motivational quotes


These are the things that strengthen us in times of adversity and need.


“a man that is able to look into the abyss and see his reflection is wise, a man that can look into the world and see his reflection is blessed, a man that can look into the mirror and see the reflection of the world is divine.”

I put this together after a long hard week. I was in the doldrums after working on myself. I wrote thirty five thousand words last week as practice to improve my writing (Paid work though) and it took a toll on me as far as creativity goes.

I was dragging my feet and my response time had slowed a little bit but I knew that it was worth it. I can now write at the drop of a hat and keep on going until I can ride the storm of my inspiration out.

This is the road I chose to get better in the shortest amount of time possible. It was an exercise on discipline and focus.

During my writing spree, I took some jobs that I late felt like I wouldn’t be able to complete but I kept telling myself; this is for you and in the end, this is so that you become better than you were yesterday.

Aside from the writing, I was in a real fuck you and fuck the world mood throughout this week. A contract that I had been bidding on unrelated to writing fell through, my girl was annoying me, and some other stuff that had just been kind of building up found an outlet in the writing that I was doing.

Anyway, by the end of the week my motivation had ebbed and I needed something to pick it up. That was when I started browsing through the Reddit get motivated subreddit. I found some really amazing motivational quotes there that lifted my spirits. In the process I learned something.

We move like the tide

We cannot always be happy, smiling and always fired up, life does not work like that but we can make the most of every situation. our moods ebb and flow like the tide and it is up to us to make our entire life a motivational quote.

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Sure, you can wallow in the depths of your own misery but I do not associate with losers, I do not have the time nor the level of compassion required for that. If that is what you are looking for then your on your own.

Make no mistake, failing is very different from losing. Failing is a learning opportunity while losing is when you have finished failing and accept your fate. I will say it again, this is Indomitable Audacity the home of those that Attempt Fearlessly and Accomplish Masterfully.

When your motivation ebbs like the tide in the ocean then it is time to remember how to think and act to get it back. It is important to remember what it was that inspired you in the first place because if you dont, you may stay in a funk for a long long time.

Thoughts will form actions

Actions will form habits

Habits will form a character

and your character defines your life.

Design a life worth living.



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