As a Man Thinketh Pt. 1

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As a man, you have a sublime responsibility to look the cruel world in the eye and force her to blink; to bow before your indomitable will. There is no room for hesitation or the all too common trait of second guessing yourself.

The weight of the generations that have gone before and will come after have been placed on your shoulders and with that weight comes great responsibility.

The only way we can master this responsibility is to believe in what you do to the point of an all consuming obsession.


As a man, you have NO excuse to be second string, as a man you have no excuse to be average, as a man you have no option but to focus on being better than your competition and the only person you’re competing with is the person that you were yesterday.

If not, what have you contributed to your family and society as a whole besides taking up space?
In order to thrive, you must be unashamedly a man, immersed in your own masculinity and crying for release from the shackles of the world that doesn’t understand what makes you tick.

But, there’s more:

At times, you may be the kind of person that makes people choose your side or the other side, no middle ground, because you stand by your truths and at other times you can be compromising but always remain true to yourself.

Taste test your truths and understand that some are more bitter than others, but the fact remains that it is who you are.

You must remove the mentality of competition, you are more than a mere competitor, and adopt the mentality of creation. A great book called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill (you should have heard about it) helped me do this a while back.

Create new interactions, new associations, new networks, and above all new ways of becoming better than you were before. Until we, as a population, understand WE were born to be great, born to do more than pay bills and die then the human race as a whole will remain moving at a snail’s pace.
Until we, as men, stand up and take our positions as leaders in society, organizations and households then the aforementioned societies organizations and households will never be able to attain the greatness that they so desire.

It’s a shame when men that are able to do so much allow themselves to become subservient to the caprice’s of a fickle world.

Why would you give yourself over to the impulses of a society that can love you today and hate you tomorrow? A society that doesn’t care if you win or lose, starve or eat, and ultimately live or die?

Society as a whole does not care about mere men, they only take notice when you, as a man, become greater than those around you so I ask you, what are you waiting for? Pursue happiness, pursue greatness.


you do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great


Stand up and do more than you ever dreamed possible.

As long as you can think it and believe it, then God knows you can achieve it.

Don’t be afraid of what your family and friends will think, don’t give a second thought to what your girlfriend or wife will say because when you follow your passion obsession mere mortals will do one of two things; they will flee before you or they will follow behind you.

I’m not asking you to try and be liked by everyone, that’s the worst path to choose and the fastest one to mediocrity. Sometimes, it’s better to say fuck ’em.

Instead, decide to stand for an ideal, brand yourself as a man who is unashamed of his nature. After you’ve chosen that ideal, work towards making it a part of your being like there’s no possibility of failure because in reality when you’re obsessed, there’s none.


Practice persistence and persistence will reward you as if you were the purest embodiment of greatness. The sweet nectar of success will flow from you into everything you do as if you were a direct descendant of King Midas.

Once you choose what you stand for and what you want to become, do not look back, do not question yourself, and above all; do not stray from the ideals that you have set for yourself.

A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything

Don’t be a man that stands for nothing because nothing will stand for you. It’s OK to have radical polarizing beliefs as long as those beliefs belong to you, don’t swallow and then throw up  the truths of another man.

That’s disgusting and if you do it then you’re no more than the millions of puppets walking around the world.

Once you master the art of being yourself the world will reward you as if you were a king brought back from time immemorial.

The world worships the original and you, once you find yourself, will become one of the few original people there are.

Start a blog and travel the world. Focus on what you want, practice Persistence, set goals and smash them.

In the process check out this program, it’s called the millionaire brain to help you the same way it helped me.

I don’t have all the answers, hell, what fun would that be?

And I don’t claim to be Buddha (awesome guy) but I can say that I am unapologetically myself and that if you don’t like what I have to say. If you’re uncomfortable with my truths then feel free to press the back button on your browser.

Now is the time, the most prosperous time the human race has ever gone through, stand up and pursue perfection.

The shackles of mediocrity can only hold you as long as you allow them to. Embrace your obsession. Start a blog and push your unique perspective out into the world.

Start a business that will disrupt the known order of things, just like Henry Ford changed the face of transportation forever, you’ll change the face of the reality around you.
Stop pussy footing around, take charge of your life by being a leader and embracing the middle way.

Even though we can’t achieve perfection by virtue of being mortal, we can work towards it and become great in the process.

I’m only one person but if I can inspire just three other people to seize their destiny then my time on earth has been worth it.

Those three will  inspire yet another three and those three will inspire yet another three until an entire generation will have a sparkle in their eye.


Your fathers will wonder where you found the indomitable will and audacious character that changed you so much.

You mothers will finally be happy; happy that her son has finally decided to live life on his terms.

Your partner, your other half, will tell you “I will follow you to hell and back as long as you promise to stay true to your dream.” Each and every one of you has a sublime idea stuck in the back of your head, begging for release so set it free.
It takes the audacious man to begin to follow his obsession but it takes an indomitable man to follow it to completion.

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It takes someone made of a stronger mettle than most to sacrifice the little pleasures in life for an unknown period of time for his own dream, not the dream of society but his own dream, not the dream of society but his own personal calling.

It’s only 1 in 100 that are able to attempt fearlessly but it is only one in one thousand that are able to accomplish masterfully.

Are you ready to take that chance?

Are you willing to follow the road less traveled to excellence?

I have to warn you that you may never succeed, most don’t, but isn’t it better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all?

If you said yes then I bid you welcome to Indomitable Audacity and may your stay here be fruitful. If you said no then maybe, just maybe, you’ll reread this article and the second time around will be more profound.


For you that’s still reading and have decided to do more, be more, and see more; I want you to know that you’re in for one hell of a ride and I’ll be damned if you regret it.

Shoot me an email, follow me on social media, and trust me when I say that as the dust settles after the battle has been fought you’ll be happy that you chose to embrace you masculinity and with it your destiny.

Remember the choice is and always will be yours!

Don’t forget to share this message to other men that may need it, life is only so short and I want need every man that is capable to stand up as seize the day

I am the master of my fate. I am the Captain of my soul. –William Ernst Henley excerpt from Invictus

Indomitable Audacity – Attempt Fearlessly. Accomplish Masterfully


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