Fuck Them, Its Time To Do What You Want

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In your life and mine, there have been situations you really gave a fuck and there are probably an equal amount of situations where you could not give any less fucks. Which ones do you think had a more positive effect on your life?

The ability to do what you want is very rare in this age of following societal trends and travelling the safe path. Have you ever heard about anyone achieving greatness by doing what he’s told? By being a good boy?

I haven’t either so I want to drive one fundamental point home, you need to do what you want to have a life worth living.

Before I get into the post properly, when I say do what you want, I don’t mean go and do something you know is wrong or will hurt other people. I mean you should be willing to follow your passions and dreams in order to free yourself from the monotony of life (now that I ‘ve gotten my disclaimer out of the way, let’s go).

There is a very subtle art to saying Fuck them and it is comprised of four different aspects.

  1. Know why you are saying fuck them
  2. Have something bigger than the adversity you’ll face
  3. You cannot say fuck everybody so make sure you choose the ones you keep close very wisely
  4. You cannot say fuck everybody so make sure you choose the ones you keep close very wisely

Know why you’re saying fuck them and don’t confuse it for not caring.

This goes way beyond being annoyed with a particular situation in your life or not liking a particular coworker at the office. Knowing why you say fuck them is the most important step in this journey.

I had to travel three thousand miles and live on one of the most underdeveloped continents in the world before I understood why I wanted to go my own way. That was a good exercise in saying fuck them for me.

The understanding you have of what you want to do should grow in you like a cancer until you have no alternative but to unleash your burning desire and follow your own path or lose yourself in the process.

Allow your passion to bleed into what you’re doing. The fact that you had to say fuck them to get to where you want to be won’t be able to hold a candle to the experiences you’re accumulating or the new people you’re meeting.

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There are about 7.2 billion people on this planet and at any given time only about 1,000 of them exert any global influence.

If you or I, blips on the global radar, were to decide to go our own way and failed miserably, it wouldn’t make much of a difference (I know, hard to stomach right?)

But what if, just for a moment, we had the chance to create something so amazing it would irrevocably change our lives and the lives of everyone we know? Would you take it?

I damn sure would and I damn sure have. Never allow yourself to ask “what if” because that’s a sad situation to find yourself in after seventy years of back breaking labor.

Have something bigger than the adversity you’ll face

People are selfish and truly don’t give a damn about your dreams and aspirations if they aren’t also helping them get ahead in some way.

Don’t believe me?

Try telling one of your associates you can’t no longer lend them money anymore or do some other small favor for them and see how long you remain besties.

The adversity you’ll face from following your own path may come in many forms; the founder of Apple was forced out of the company he helped start because he didn’t conform to the status quo.

The early Christians were executed in droves because they didn’t bend to the will of the Roman Empire.

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To those that are truly inspired to do what they want, adversity can be fuel to their inner fire but for most people, adversity can be a crushing weight on their inspiration. The most insidious form of hardship is when it’s caused by those you feel love you the most.

Before you decide to cut them out of your life, take a moment to understand their thought pattern. They may feel  you’re throwing away everything you’ve built to chase after a hair-brained scheme or idea. Don’t blame them because deep down,  they probably want the best for you.

Just make sure you’re able to tell the difference between those that love you and those that love to hate you.

Before you decide with everything in your heart to do what you want to do and burn all bridges behind you make sure that it’s truly worth it.

Make sure that whatever it is will keep you warm at night and allow you to face the hardships that’ll come (they will surely come). If you do a critical evaluation and you see that it’s not worth the sacrifices you’ll need to make then don’t take that particular path.

Opportunity comes in many forms and it’s not necessary to go through every door that opens before you.

Here is a video I found on adversity that you may like


You can;t say fuck everybody so make sure you choose the ones you keep close very wisely

There are a few rare individuals on this planet that do have your best interests at heart. There are still individuals that’ll follow you to the ends of the world and back if you only ask them to.

I know I’ve found a special woman in my partner. She has the physical qualities that make men drool but far more importantly, she’s an understanding woman and deserves the world.

The ones that support us in good times and in bad are few and far between, but I want you to hold onto those ones for dear life. They may actually end up saving it one day.

If after doing what you want and you rest on the pinnacle of accomplishment and there’s no one to share it with, no one to share war stories with, or relax and take a chilled bottle of Sancerre with then what was it all for?

Choose your companions wisely, they will make you or break you

Keep saying fuck them and do what you want until you make it

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I don’t know what kind of music you listen to but I was listening to one of Kanye West’s older songs and he mentioned how much effort he put in before he actually “made it.”

Lock yourself in a room doing Five beats a day for three summers

That’s a different world like Kree Summers

I deserve to do these numbers

I liked the song when it came out a few years ago, it just serves to illustrate the focus you need in order to peak your head above the churning masses of society.

If you can’t sacrifice everything else on the road to chasing your dream then you’ll never be able to accomplish it. You must be relentless, you must be creative, you must be resourceful, and you must be unashamed of being yourself.

People are rewarded in public for what they have striven tirelessly for in private. You’ll fall, but you must stand up, you will be beaten but you must heal, and you will enter despair but you must find the light.

The power that’ll propel you forward is beyond my understanding and science hasn’t been able to elucidate it; call it the unseen force of the universe or the Holy Spirit if you will.

The name you attach to it isn’t important, far less important than the fact that it exists in each and every one of us. What we have to do is reach deep into our spirit where it has been sleeping and yank it awake.

This is only possible when you’re in the state of mind where you know exactly what you want and are determined not to stop until you get it!

Only then, will you be able to achieve the greatness you were born to inherit.


Remain Indomitable Remain Audacious

Attempt Fearlessly. Accomplish Masterfully

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  • This is a great post, Daniel. And you’re a man who speaks from experience of living your life. I really liked the point that if we try something and fail (though I really don’t believe in failure), hardly anyone will notice. On the other hand, if we try something and make a difference — Wow! Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  • OMG Daniel! I FUCKIN Love This post So Much! It Is Time To Just let the Fuckin bullshit go and be our best fuckin selves For Real. No more worrying about what ‘They” fuckin say and Stand On our own fuckin feet, on our own fuckin terms and Be the fantastic fuckin people We REALLY ARE!

    • Tara, Nice one. I agree with you. Sometimes, or even most of the time it is important to say FUCK THEM. ha ha thanks for the comment, it really made me smile over here

  • Daniel,
    Found your blog through another blog called fightorfade.com
    I like what you are talking about in your blog will continue to visit as it looks like you are writing from the heart. Keep up the good work brother!

  • Yeah Daniel, who cares about what other people and society thinks! Do what you want to do in your life!

  • I’m inspired Daniel, great post! I said fuck it and them a while ago and haven’t looked back. Thanks for sharing.

  • It requires courage, vision, faith, mastermind, persistent, a pleasing personality, doing more than what you are paid for and a few other factors to remain steady on your course. Great read Daniel thanks for sharing.

  • Alex Bender /

    Possibly the best title for a post….ever! – Fuck everyone and just do your thing is kind of the Entrepreneur motto. Killer post mate.

    • Thanks Alex, It is the entrepreneur motto isnt it? If you think about what others will say or do then you will paralyze yourself from the beginning

  • Right on, Daniel! When you stop caring of what people think about you, and you just hustle until you make it, anything is possible. Eliminate the toxic, negative people from your life, and keep those that uplift you and make you feel good. And it’s all worth it! Great post!

    • I believe that in your life, just like in your business, you need to constantly assess who is working for you and who is working against you. If you do not then you will not be able to see progress from many of your efforts

  • love it! sometimes you have to do what you want to and live life in your own terms

  • Marian Gurowicz /

    I’m laughing at the synchronicity in the universe, as I’m reading this, my friend is playing a live stream that started with Lily Allen, moved on to Cee lo Green, and moved into Pantera, Seether, The Offspring, and we’re up to Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Eminem – Fuck Off.

    While we’re on the subject, when the nagging little voice in your head starts getting you down, just stop wherever you and shout, “Shut the Fuck Up.” Works every time to improve your mood.

  • What a powerful post Daniel! I love that you did not hold back and let it all out with passion.

    And it’s so so true. Many people don’t succeed because they’re too emotionally attached to the wrong things. By letting go, that frees them to create the success they truly want… and when they do that the universe conspires to helping them achieve their desires!

  • Just loved this post Daniel… Fuck it. is such a real feeling word when one is over others shit. But agree, we have to weigh up the situation and person before just saying ‘fuck it’ it could be something we regret at a later date.. Awesome message.

    • Hey Diane, I’m really happy that you liked it and were able to take something away from it. Being able to say Fuck it is one of the most sublime feelings imaginable when you think about it

  • I agree FUCK EM! you need to know when it is time to be a boss and make your own way in life, it takes courage to go against the social norms and make your own way. The road less travelled is more rewarding in the end. I like your style bro, my blog has similar posts. Keep it up!

    • Yes Boss, I checked out the article you were talking about as well. I like the way you arrange your thoughts. I am going to be a regular visitor there, Keep it up!

  • I remember that Kanye song Daniel, liked it too. Your first paragraph said it all – who achieve greatness by doing what they are told? Very few. You may ‘succeed’ in The System’s sense of the word but to achieve true greatness you must follow your inner voice, not societies. Thanks for the reminder and for this brave article.

    • Yea, Like, you just gotta say fuck it most of the time. Forget about all the people in between and go balls to the wall. You may not succeed every time but I’m sure you’ll do more than the next man who doesn’t even try

  • HI Daniel
    Thank you for your post. I am learning to say more and more Fuck what others expect of you. Make sure you are doing what you need to do for yourself but for the better of the community. Don’t be selfish in your desires.

  • Wow that’s a lot of swearin’ =D

    Anyway I like the idea of it. Too many times are people trying to please everyone and do their utmost to not step on anyone’s toes.. Fuck that! Live your life as you want as long as you’re not out to bring harm to other people I’d say =)

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