Obsession: Want it so Bad it Hurts

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Obsession is what allows your passions to exist. Obsession is the food of a motivated soul. Obsession is what makes you work for thirty hours straight. Passion? Been there done that. What I love? I love hobbies and women but they are nowhere near what I obsess about. The art of Blogging? Now were getting somewhere.

The people that do not have their own personal obsession or do not understand it

will say to you:

“are you sure about this?”

“I’m not ready to put my energy into that right now.”

“do you really think this will work?”

“What if you fail?”

“But only a few people have made it doing that.”

Ever heard those things before are or are you the one saying it? These kinds of statements are the fastest road to living a mediocre life.
Most people think that they just need to be passionate about something, but that’s an erroneous assumption. Passion won’t allow you to stay up for forty-eight hours, passion will not allow you to sacrifice all else, passion will not sustain you without food or drink.

Only an obsession will do this. A fire that burns so deep and hot in your body that the very sun fears to draw close. Do you have it? Do you have what it takes to become obsessed? Or are you just another man that has found another passion that he will throw away before the year runs out?

In Business.

Usually, when you start a new business, strike out as an entrepreneur, you will face some challenges. That’s normal, it’s expected right but do you know why 90% of new businesses fail?

There are a number of reasons like a poor product, poor team, pricing issues, underdeveloped marketing strategies, and plain old getting out-competed. Instead of searching for their obsession, new business owners are busy trying to figure out how to write a business plan or how to even start a business. These are all necessary but it should only come after finding what makes you tick.

I am obsessed with Indomitable Audacity, If you read the Genesis, you will see that I equate it to my first child. My passion for working online gave birth to the obsession that you find on this site. I bleed on the canvas that is indomitable Audacity and I would have it no other way.

It’s my playground and it’s my safe haven. It grows with me and it declines with me. It is the only home that I need and it supersedes all of my other endeavors.

Why? Because I’m obsessed and I am not ashamed to say so. When I’m working, I’ll be listening to my partner or colleagues talk but I can’t hear a word they say.

I’m countless miles away, wondering, looking, searching for how to take my business to the next level. Do you do the same, have you found your obsession?

What is Obsession?

Obsession is the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire.

Is there anything that consumes you, is there anything that you want so bad it causes you a physical pain? Many men that are successful if their respective fields of endeavor will tell you that they are passionate but that is because they do not understand what obsession is.

The fire that refuses to be quenched is burning in each and every one of us but it’s relegated to the background because it’s not reasonable or it’s not a traditional way of making a living. Whoever tells you that should be shot in both knees so that you can give them the coup de grace at your leisure.

Dare to live life on your terms, dare to do what they told you was impossible, dare to be unapologetically yourself. The world worships the original and once you decide to embrace the originality that you were created for the world will follow you as if you hold the keys to love, life, and even transcendence; but really, all that you are doing is fulfilling your deepest desires.

It’s not such a bad word.

I know, they say the people that are obsessed can get nothing done because of it. I want to tell you that the people that are obsessed are the only ones that get things done.

They don’t do it because of a paycheck, they do it because they would be lost without the direction it gives them. A conversation with someone who is obsessed goes a little something like this:
Normal: “Hey, wanna grab a few drinks?”

Obsession: “I can’t, I’m busy.”

Normal: “Doing what?”

Obsession: “Building an empire”

Normal: “But its Saturday”

Obsession: “Yea, but its Sunday somewhere else, I have to run, talk you you later.”

There is no middle ground, either you will attempt fearlessly and accomplish masterfully or you will stay where you are and watch as the world passes you by.

Embrace Your Obsession.

Never in your life be ashamed of your obsession. Do you think Albert Einstein was passionate or obsessed? Is it passion that allowed him to lock himself in a small room with nothing but pen and paper for hours on end?

Do you think Thomas Edison was passionate or obsessed? Is it passion that allowed him to try and fail nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times before he was able to accomplish the feat that solidified his name into the annals of history?

Henry Ford, a man that did not even finish school learned all he knew while he was an apprentice at a small Workshop. He built the combustion engine, the principle form of locomotion for the last hundred years and the next hundred years.. I have developed tunnel vision, there is no left or right, only directly in front of me; eyes on the prize at all times.


A dangerous love affair.

I will equate it to a dangerous love affair.

Imagine that you have a wife, children, and a white picket fence; your life is pretty good by all outward appearances. That notwithstanding, you want something more, you want that beautiful young woman at the office a few blocks down (Your obsession).

It starts as a gnawing in the back of your head that you try and put away. You succeed for a while, you were trained to follow the rules of society and not take risks.

She slowly begins to fill your waking hours, a slow consumption that you have not the strength nor the will to stop. After filling your waking hours for a time, she begins to fill your sleeping hours as well.

You have the most vivid fantasies of what you all will do together some would call it a dream, while still others would call it a nightmare. After she has danced along the corridors of your conscious and unconscious mind for a while, you begin do look into how you can make your illicit thoughts come to fruition.

You research how it has been done before and do not find exactly what you are looking for because you are unique, she is unique. That does not stop you, you have enough general information to go ahead but something stops you. A hidden force is still holding you back, is it fear, is it moral rectitude, is it the thoughts of what your friends will think?

The consumption has leaked out of your mind and into your body, it is now a physical sensation. You want her so bad it hurts, it is a sensation burning in your chest, your arms, and your legs. It is painful and yet pleasurable, you have never felt anything like it before and you know that once you consummate it there will be no turning back.

At long last, you man up and seize the object of your obsession. Every man needs a little danger and play.
Get your head out of the clouds and hammer it into your skull that it takes more than passion to leave your mark on the world, it takes obsession.

Passion is for hobbies, obsession is for getting filthy rich. Passion is what you do when you have plenty of money, obsession is what gets you there.

Obsession is the key to a life well lived, it is the only path you can take that will allow you to turn nothing into something. It is what will allow you to turn an idea, your words, and your actions into mountains of cold hard cash.

“There is something about giving everything to your profession. In Italian, an obsession is not necessarily negative. It’s the art of putting all your energy into one thing; it’s the art of transforming even what you eat for lunch into architecture.”
Renzo Piano

Are you ready to chase your obsession?


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