The Truth About What Your 20’s Are Really For

20's are really for


Many people feel your twenties are for going to college, getting a secure job, and settling down.
I’m 26 and have a very different perspective on what the golden 20’s are really for.
First and foremost, they’re like a second group of formative years.
Your body has matured, but you have no fucking idea who you are.
If you follow the path most of us are told to follow in our twenties (think American Dream) then you’ll never know who you are.
As a matter of fact, you’re just going to be another cog in the machine of society.
Wondering why you’re depressed and overweight at the age of 40.
I’ve not had the hindsight of 40 years to look back on my twenties, I’m still living them after all, but since I’m still living them, I’m uniquely positioned to answer this question.
What your 20’s really are for
You’re meant to love like a child. I’m always fascinated at how quickly and unconditionally children can love a complete stranger. They take everything at face value and give you the opportunity to show your true worth. It’s too early to harbor prejudice against your fellow man.
Try, fail, try again. After your 20’s, your body starts to slow down and you become set in your ways. Your mind doesn’t work as quickly and your body isn’t as resilient as before. This is the time to push the limits of what you thought was possible. Find and obsession and ride it out to the end.
Travel like a Nomad. You’re 20 dammit, you have no real roots, obligations, or engagements. It’s your responsibility to see as much of the world as possible. Immerse yourself in different cultures and keep an open mind about what you see.
Learn, learn, learn. If there was one thing you could do to the exclusion of all others, it should be to learn. I don’t mean sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher. I mean hands on, high stakes, winner takes all learning. This is the fastest way to learn something new or at the very least figure out how not to do it.
Get a mentor. There are people who’ve gone before you and there are people who’ll come after you. With a mentor in your corner, you’ll be able to avoid at least some of the mistakes you’d make if you went at it all alone.
Have the sex now. You see, as a twenty-something, I think having sex is one of the easiest things in the world. I suggest you get it out of the way early so you can have a few of the war stories under your belt. Besides, once you find your true obsession, you really won’t have time for sex, trust me.
Build your network. Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you who you are. Even though your network may consist of a few people your own age, it’ll get more valuable as time goes on. People get god jobs, people start companies, people have unique experiences and skillsets.
You never know where anyone is going to be in five let alone ten years. Build that network now and nurture it over time.
Practice Selflessness. By our very nature, we’re selfish creatures. Try being selfless for a while. Give up your seat on the bus, share your meal with people who don’t have as much as you, or just volunteer. You’ll thank yourself for it and karma will too.
Do some Crazy Sh*t. I think all of my peers are a little crazy, after all, we think we can do anything. When I mean do some crazy shit, I mean jump off a bridge, or out of a plane. Scale a mountain, go parasailing, enjoy a life you’ve lived.
do crazy things image
Learn a Second Language. I think everyone should be able to speak a second language just in case the first langauge goes extinct for some reason. In addition to that, it’s really an amazing way to delve into a culture.

Most Importantly, Your 20’s are Really For Living

No matter how you cut the cake, your life is meant to be lived. Live it to the fullest and live it as long as possible. Don’t let it end in your 20’s, rather, let it be the foundation upon which you live the rest of your life.


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