5 Steps to Making a Killer First Impression

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The first impression is arguably the most important interaction that you will have with another member of the human race. I know that some people will say “after they get to know me I can change any first impression” but who wants to get to know somebody that made a bad impression on them? I am guilty of making snap judgements and so are you so why do you think your special? You are not, at least not initially. That means that people should make the judgement that you force them to make about you; either you take control of this process or leave it to chance. This article will is for those of you that want to take control. In order to do this, you need to carefully craft your appearance and mannerisms to give of the vibe you want others to receive. I have been told that this is duplicity but I disagree completely, the image that you give off should be completely congruent with the type of person that you really are or else you are wasting your time.

In order to make a killer first impression, there are a number of things that you need to evaluate and then take action on if they are not in line with what you want to portray. You are who you are so I would advise you to accentuate your already amazing qualities rather than trying to remake yourself. That is my advice but if you want to become a new person then be my guest, it’s your life and you can live it any way you choose A good starting point would be to choose Indomitable Audacity.

1. Take stock

The first thing you need to do is evaluate what impression you are giving to those that you already interact with. The easiest way to do this would be to ask a casual acquaintance for their opinion because your close friends and family already know you well past the point that they can give you an honest opinion.
Get a sheet of paper and rule a line through the middle like in the example below. On one side, write down the impressions you think you are giving to the world at large and on the other side, write down what you got as feedback from your acquaintances. For example.

                          What I think




Well Groomed


              What others think


Poorly Groomed

Average confidence

Mediocre Presence


As you can see in the above example, there is a disconnect between what the Person thinks and what he is actually portraying to the world. This is a good starting point for deciding how to make a killer first impression.
Note: Make sure you ask at least five to ten people so that your results are not skewed too far to the left or the right.

2. Define Yourself

Do you know who you are? Not your name or where you are from but who you as a person. Your values, your beliefs, your likes and dislikes, your dreams, your aspirations, your current trajectory? I am not getting off point, this is just a roundabout way of getting to the goal of making a really good imprint on those around you. If you, as a person, cannot define yourself then how on earth do you expect a complete stranger to define you properly? Its impossible and you are wasting your time If you spend any time on trying to make that happen. So do a little should searching of your own to come up with the answers to the questions I asked you.

It’s much easier to impress something on someone when you know who you are and what it is you want out of life for example:

I am John from Louisiana.


I am John from Louisiana and I value hard work and loyalty from my contemporaries. I believe that with a positive mindset and congruent actions I can overcome any challenge thrown in front of me. I dislike sloppily dressed people and I aspire to become the president of a fortune five hundred company.
This is John, not Daniel, but you get my point. After defining yourself, you can work to make sure that the impression you are giving off is congruent. How will you walk, talk, behave, dress, and interact in order to remain consistent with your definition of yourself? In this example I assume that John would work to make sure he gave of intelligence, sophistication, confidence, and dressed REALLY well to boot.

3. Do something that scares you

This may seem out of place in a list to that is supposed to be teaching you how to make a killer first impression but bear with me. Why do many of us mess up a first impression? FEAR, the devils favorite tool. Why didn’t you ask out the cute girl at the office? Why haven’t you gone skydiving when you have been saying you will do it for years? All these things can be equated to an irrational fear of doing it. When you are making a first impression people read our body language. Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of psychology at UCLA, a social psychologist found that 55% of a first impression is based on nonverbal communication including appearance, shaking hands, smile, how well you listen, and posture.

When you are afraid, your body language that communicates all these things gets mussed up and have you appear flustered at best and mediocre at worst and we are not mediocre at Indomitable Audacity. So even though the wisdom I impart here may seem irrelevant at first take a closer look now. You just scaled a mountain without any gear what can the cute girl at the office really do to you. You just jumped out of a friggin plane, first impression be damned. Face one of your fears and confidence will radiate off you, don’t take my word for it, try it.

What we fear most is usually what we most need to do.
–Tim Ferriss

4. Making the Killer First Impression

After having understood what people think about you, defining yourself, and then doing something that scares the shit out of you it is time to get all the pieces lined up to make that killer first impression. I like this part the most because it allows me to experiment.

The first step is to take your two lists, the list that you made about what impression people get from you and the list you made where you defined yourself and figure out which ones are in line.

For example from peoples feedback, John is knowledgeable and handsome from what he defined about himself he needs to work on his confidence, his body language, his grooming, his dressing, and his presence.

Now that John understands the areas he needs to work on to make a killer first impression that is in line with his own self-image the only thing left is to put in the work. How to do all these things is beyond the scope of this article but below are a few resources if you want to work on these exact same challenges. I will still write articles that deal with these topics in turn but if you need a faster fix, take a look at them.


The Grooming lounge is where I get all of my grooming needs taken care of.

Celebrity workout book for men for a killer body.

Real men Real style for a bit of fashion advice

It is also possible to fake it until you make it with things like confidence but other things such as grooming have to be the real deal. It pretty simple to groom, just invest in a good set of razors and clippers so that you can keep yourself looking good between visits to the barber.

5. Just Do it

I can type a thousand more words but that would not be very helpful to you or me because the rest would just be fluff. I could tell you to go and invest in a thousand dollar watch and then give you an affiliate link, I could tell you to buy a certain product, or I could give you a step by step guide on how to sit down and talk to get your desired results. Here at Indomitable Audacity, we believe that there are many ways to get a desired result and that as long as a man refuses to give up and is bold in his approach, he will figure it out more often than not. Allow your personality to shine through in everything that you do and you will get far better results than following script.

With that being said, make sure you get out there and do it. Put in the necessary work to make your transformation a reality. Otherwise, you will read a hundred more articles on how to make a killer first impression and not be any better off for it.


Making a killer first impression is actually much easier than you would think. Most of a first impression has nothing to do with what you say. As long as you have gotten number 1-4 down then the only thing left is a little trial and error. The most important thing with a first impression is for you to project the aura that you want the world to see. If that is a playboy then cool, if that is a respectable man then it is also cool. It is your life and your world; you set the rules of engagement.
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