The Beauty Of A Woman

the beauty of a woman

An ode to the beauty of a woman

I’m always writing about the beauty of a woman because they’re important in the lives of every man whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Part of our job is to make sure that they embrace the raw womanhood that makes them so amazing.

Not the manufactured stuff that only comes out after throwing on heaps of concealer and mascara. I mean the just out the shower beauty, that after sex glow, or the beauty of an amazing personality. Let me use words to illustrate the beauty of a woman as I see it. Bear with me, words are a poor substitute for what I see with my eyes and feel with my soul.

As I wake in the morning and look to my left, I’m confronted by an apparition. As the sleep begins to leave my eyes and my vision slowly clears I realize that it’s a woman; deep in the throes of slumber.

I look at her supple frame, the soft curve of her hips, and the slow rhythmic movement of her chest and I’m confused, but even more, I wonder. 

I wondered what confluence of ethnicities were required to make a creature so unique and at the same time so physically familiar. I slowly traced my hand over her body as she stirred under the light pressure I applied.

Her skin was the color of HENNESSY and just as smooth. Her nose was small, almost delicate, and the faintest hint of a mustache played on her upper lip. A real woman.

Her nose was small almost delicate and the faintest hint of a mustache played on her upper lip. A real woman.

As I continued to explore her body with a practiced hand, I began to remember how well I knew this frame, the last vestiges of sleep were finally losing its grip on my mind which allowed me to remember who this woman was to me.

Finally, she woke up and turned her hazel eyes to mine and pulled back the last layers of sleep from my mind. As we looked at each other, a smile spread across her face; the kind of smile that reaches the eyes and forces the ravages of the years to fall away from the face. 

As she burned away the sleep from my consciousness, I remembered; I remembered what made this woman so gorgeous in the first place. Although she has a physical beauty that always made men look at her twice, it paled in comparison to her real beauty; her mind and personality. 

As her smile returned my lucidity, my mind took me back to the many qualities that make up the beauty of a woman.

They have a unique mix of strength and power that we as man can’t begin to understand. Yes, we’re much stronger physically and we reason more clearly than them, especially when it comes to more strenuous situations, but what about emotional intelligence?

The way a woman can understand your feelings and mood without you having to utter a word isn’t something that can be taught but is an innate gift given to them. 

A woman that relies on more than just a pretty face to get by in the world. A woman that can hold a conversation about the most mundane topics. a woman that can stimulate you as she explores the corridors of your mind is beautiful; gorgeous even.

A woman that works side by side with you to build a future worth experiencing, a woman that believes in you and more importantly herself, one that doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice  physical comforts to build a dream together with you.

The beauty of a woman is not measured by the roundness of her ass or the size of her chest but by something deeper; something visceral. 

Their very strength lies in their weakness, the ability to sway weaker men to their will and topple even those who are considered the mightiest is something that they’ve been given by the creator himself.

Cheers to the beauty of a woman. 


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