The Curse of The Gifted

the curse of the gifted

The Curse of the Gifted

There were two of them, both alluring in their own way.

One was exotic, mysterious, and magnetic.

She pulled me into her embrace and promised me excitement with every touch. There was never a dull moment as I basked in her aura. She knew just where to touch me to move me to action.

She could paint a picture of adventure and lust with nothing but her words. Her voice held the key to my being and my demise.

Even when I knew it was dead wrong, I couldn’t help but succumb to her every whim.

We threw inhibitions to the wind when we were together. She led me to parties on the highest rooftops of the city and showed me where men toured the deepest caverns of the country.

Places where normal men dare not tread.

It didn’t matter; when we were together we were invincible. When we were moving, everything else stood still to allow us safe passage.

Our times together, though brief, are the things that make a life worth living.

Her name is Temptation; every man, woman, and child knows her.

The other was familiar, understanding, and real.

When she pulled me into her embrace, I inhaled the familiar scent of the home I grew up in. The chicken being fried, the corn being boiled, and the bread being baked all rushed back to reminded me I was loved.

I knew that when I was with her, time stood still and we could overcome any challenge together. When we went to sleep, I knew she would be there when I woke up.

When we touched, her strength flowed into me and gave me the confidence to face another day. She was my rock and my helper, my confidant and my advisor, my better half.

As time rolled over us, stealing my strength and my senses, leaving me a shell of my former self she was still there.

A beacon in the darkness that always lit my path.

She stood ever at my side. The wolves that circled could never touch me or wear down my spirit because I knew she was there. I knew there would always be someone to look to no matter how much defeat littered my path.

Her name is Hope; not every man woman and child knows her.

The curse of the gifted is a battle between hope and temptation.

Will you succumb to the whispered promises of temptation or hold fast to the bedrock of hope?

The choice is and always will be yours.



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