How to Make A Woman Work For You

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I have no idea why men think that they have to do all the work when it comes to getting the hottest lady in the room or that cute friend that you have been crushing on for a while. I am sure that you have many very redeeming qualities that will allow you to shine in any woman’s eyes. The beauty of it is that we do not need to be the most handsome man in the room to, women are not so interested in that. As long as you can do a few of the things that I will list in this article then you will be able to make the ladies work for you as hard as you are working for her.

Before I begin, this is just a primer on the most rudimentary skills that you should possess. If you want an in depth understanding on how to attract some awesome women then you can sign up for this course or  get a few books here. Both are effective and its really your choice. The last thing I will say before jumping in is that you NEED TO ACT, there is no point in reading this article if you do not do what it is spelling out for you.

Basic qualities required to make woman work to get you

I like to call this going back to the basics. If you do not have a solid foundation on which to build then all of your other efforts will be in vain. Equate it to building a house on quicksand. The basic qualities you need are as follows.


Healthy appearance

Social Status

Well-dressed/Well Groomed

I will deal with each one in turn.

Become Confident

Even though they say fake it until you make it, I happen to have a better Idea, do it until you develop it. The major fear most guys have when approaching a woman is the fear of getting rejected. Getting cute ladies is a numbers game, it’s all about percentages and you should never take the rejection personally. She does not know you well enough to reject you as a person. What she actually rejected was your approach so you need to make it better. When you look at it objectively like this, it becomes easier to approach more and more women until you get it right.

The fastest way to build confidence that I know of and that I have personally used was recommended in an article that I found on the on the internet just like you found this one. It’s simple, get dressed, don’t look like a total lost case and approach as many ladies as you can. The goal at first is to just approach them and strike up a short conversation. Make sure you maintain eye contact when doing this. Nothing screams insecure like not looking at the person you are talking to.

More Action

After you can do that fearlessly (usually takes about five tries), you can start approaching them for their number, you do not have to use the number to do anything because this is just for practice. Here is a script I use till this very day.

“Hey, how you doing? I know this is going to sound strange but I will kick myself for the rest of the day if I don’t ask.” She is interested at this point and you have displayed massive amounts of confidence. “I have to run and go and met my friends at ____”(fill in the blank. This is important because it shows that A. you actually have friends, not a complete loser eg social proof B. You are not stalking her in the mall and actually have somewhere to be)  and I think you are cute (beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, ravishing, etc.) can I have your number. I promise I am not a serial killer.

This is a really fun script that I use and it works like a charm. Much more than I ever thought possible before I swallowed the red pill. Confidence comes when we are secure in our ability to do something. The only way to become secure in your ability is to work at it, make mistakes and improve yourself. You can do affirmations in your bedroom all day but until you take action, your efforts will be in vain. Body language also plays an important role in building confidence but I dealt with that in an article dedicated to the subject so I will not mention it here.

Appear Healthy

Just like we like healthy women they also like healthy guys. I’m sure you would not approach a woman with sallow skin and brittle hair if you can help it. The same is true for females, they will not give an unhealthy looking guy the time of day. It just does not work that way. The beauty of it is that it is much easier for us to at least appear healthier. Our skin is thick and our bodies are strong.

You don’t have to run out and go do a hundred sets at the gym while trying to put on twenty pounds. Although it may be beneficial for you if you are not already exercising regularly. Looking healthy is actually very simple and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

  1. Cut out the soft drinks and replace it with water. I only drink two substances; one on a daily basis and the other occasionally. Water and alcohol. Water is natures miracle medicine, have you ever heard of intensive water therapy? Drink water throughout the day, there is no quota here just make sure you drink a glass at least every hour. Also drink one a few minutes before going to bed (Some people complain that this makes them wake up in the middle of the night but I fortunately don’t have this problem, the problem I have is waking up with a raging boner).
  2. Very simple right? There was a period that I was losing a lot of weight and I couldn’t pinpoint it. I was eating regularly and doing my normal exercise routines. I was getting worried so I went to the to the Doctor’s office and got a clean bill of health. After he drilled me with the normal round of questions, it came out that I was not sleeping regularly. (This was due to my obsession of course). He prescribed nothing but rest for me and I quickly gained back my weight and stamina.
  3. Learn to love your greens. I am guilty of loving fruits, vestige of one of my previous relationships. I know I do not need to get into the benefits of this step right?
  4. Practice basic skin care. I know we can overlook this as guys but it is actually very important. It is true that we age more gracefully than women because of our thicker skin but that is not an excuse not to take care of it. The way your skin looks is the first indication of your health or lack thereof. Invest in a good skin serum/moisturizer or at least a facial one. I use an oil free variety by Tom Ford and it does the trick for me.

Now these are just really general things to improve your overall health and appearance. The reason I reminded you guys of these things is because you are supposed to be doing them but you don’t. I know I did not until I made a conscious effort. Take for example the importance of water, it forms the extracellular and intracellular space as being the major ingredient in collagen; the substance that gives skin its elasticity while making it appear healthy. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. The substance fibrin is derived from here and is important in the healing processes that our body undergoes. Stay fitter longer.

Social Status

Every wonder why ladies throw their panties on the stage for Drake, swoon for Lebron James, and hook up with George Cloonie? They have money sure but it is more than that, they have social proof in spades.

Females could really care less if you had professional level basketball skills or if you can compete in a triathlon. Those things are not important unless it is what you do for a living and your bread and butter depends on your performance. What does matter, is the status that those kinds of occupations give a man.

I am not suggesting that you drop everything and start training to be a kickboxer or the next big musical sensation (unless that is what you already want to do). It is not really very hard to achieve social status. In a nutshell, just be friendly. Social proof is established by the way people behave round you. Do they defer to you, is the service more prompt, do you command respect etc. etc.

Here is an example of what I do when I get to a new city. The first thing I do is Identify four places where I will be spending a good portion of my time and have a good stream of female traffic. I’m a reader so I always choose a bookstore (the ones that are a little more upscale or modern that will attract the kind of woman I am looking for), A bar and or lounge, A café or casual restaurant (usually downtown next to the CBD. I enjoy overworked career women, then always have so much tension to relieve.), and a watering hole really close to my house or the hotel I will be staying.

After that, the only thing that I do is find out the names of as many of the staff that I can and engage them is a few minutes of stimulating conversation while I order something. Ask them questions, tell jokes, etc etc. (This is best if it is a cute girl but you are not to run game on her if you want this place to be profitable for you) and leave a good tip. After I have established myself in the four areas I have chosen I go on the prowl. Since I made friends with the staff earlier; I call them by first name and the service they give me is prompt, friendly, and deferential.

All of these things work to your advantage when you are running game on a female in these places. They will see how the staff is treating you and will feel that you are more important than you may actually be. This will pique her curiosity and make sure that she puts in a little work while you are putting in your own as well.

Dress Well and Groom Well

Yes it does matter and yes, you are judged on your appearance whether you like it or not. Dress like a man and you will be treated as such by females and your fellow men. A full beard is not an excuse to let it grow without any care.

Basic rules of thumb

Shave off the unibrow. That shit is not sexy and will help you lose a ton of ass. Please take not that a good clipper is only about $20.

Don’t bite your nails. Only children are allowed to bite nails, get a clipper and use it.

Haircuts. Get them regularly, I am assuming that you do not live in a cave on a desert island. Every 2-4 weeks should be adequate. Just make sure you are always looking clean. You never know where you will meet Mrs. Right.

Beard. Whether clean shaven or full growth, make sure you have a regular schedule to keep it looking great.

Become Stinking Rich

You know, I did not mention this on the initial list as a way to make a woman work to get you  because I do not feel that it is really that important. I am only mentioning it now because we cannot completely disregard it. The thing with money is to be subtle about it. Do not make obvious mentions about how much or how little of it you have. It is better to show than tell. Even when you are showing, you should not be flamboyant.

For example, if you’re buying a girl a drink and you pull out your wallet and happen to pay with a hundred dollar bill, that is subtle. If you pull out a huge wad of cash and wave it in front of the bar tenders face before paying, that is not subtle.


Although I did not touch on the different nuances of game, the things I mentioned will increase your success rate dramatically when you decide to apply them. If subsequent articles I will discuss different strategies and tips that will help you become the man you were always meant to be. Making a woman work for you is easy, the only question is; are you ready to swallow the red pill?


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