Killer Body Language Secrets for Love and Play

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It is no secret that body language is more important than the things than come out of your mouth. What most men fail to realize is that the body language secrets are not hard to learn and even easier to apply after some practice. All it takes is becoming conscious of your body and correcting yourself whenever you slip up. If you do that for a few weeks then you will be a God in almost every situation.

Body Language Secrets 101

Business love and play are really the same thing with different stakes. In all three you negotiate, make decisions, seduce (whether male or female) and try and get the best outcome for yourself and or your team. What you say in any given situation only accounts for 10-20% of the total message, what do you think accounts for the other chunk? If you said body language then you are the winner of the prize. Since Body language is such an important part of getting the best outcome in your life, no matter what that outcome may be. I will spend time talking about individual aspects that you can then tie into a comprehensive whole.

Eye Contact

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The Eyes are considered the window to the soul for good reason. The eyes are difficult to control in the sense that they perform a lot of actions involuntarily. Did you know that when you and I are interested in a subject our pupils dilate? This is beyond our conscious control and the subconscious mind of the viewer usually picks up on it; that’s one of the many triggers that can tell us we are on the right path is life and in seduction.

I do not like picking up girls in my church, I feel that the one day of the week that I portion out to give God my undivided attention should not be encroached upon by the fairer sex. My church is full of beautiful women that love to have eye sex but there was one woman in particular that would always catch my eye. After making love from across church with our eyes for a few weeks, I finally decided to put an end to it one day after service. When I was approaching her, I locked eyes on her and gave her a little smile which she returned. The conversation we had lasted all of five minutes and we exchanged numbers, to make a long story short, she ended up in my bed before the week ran out and we dated for a number of months before going our separate ways.

I consider this the first step in developing the type of body language that will get you what you want, how you want it, when you want it. The loudest way to scream insecure is looking away from the person you’re talking to. While the fastest way to scream strength and confidence is to stand tall and look someone in the eye. It is actually very simple; when you are talking to someone you should be looking at them 60-70% of the time. When you are listening then the amount of time you spend looking at them should increase to 80-90%. Make sure you blink regularly so you do not come off looking like a psychopath (I used to forget to blink and it makes people very uncomfortable). Eye Contact is an in depth subject that requires more than one day to tell the story.

Using your size


A common misconception is that our size will doom us to failure before we ever start to exert an influence. I grew up where bigger was considered better; bigger car, bigger house, and bigger bank account (well that one is cool) but when it comes to body language if you apply a few techniques then you can appear large in your own skin.

Show your chest off

Stick out your chest and show them who’s  boss. Stand at an angle so your profile is highlighted. This is a great technique because it does not matter how big or small your chest really is. When we stand like this it taps into a bit if psychology that dates back to when we were still humping each other in caves. It shows women that you can protect them and your fellow man that you are dominant.

Shoulders back

This one is simple, when you stand with your shoulders back it accentuates your chest. When you allow your shoulders to drop it makes you appear lazy with bad posture. This is a plus for shorter guys because it helps you appear taller. Try not to stand like the queens royal guard, this is actually counterproductive. In this instance, the mirror is you friend, practice in front of one until you are comfortable with the way you look.


Tall men seem more dominant in most situations. I’m 6 feet flat so fortunately I can stand with most men and not appear to be dwarfed.
If you are average height or below average then make sure you stand when others are sitting so that attention can be focused on you. When you have no choice but to sit, make sure you sit up straight and NEVER slouch, it makes us appear lazy.

Feet, shoulder width apart

This allows you to take up more space and appear larger. This has a psychological impact as well. Due to our crotch being exposed, it signals that we are open and unafraid. Alpha male 101 here fellas.


Attitude basics

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The way you walk into the room and command attention. The way you scan a gathering an leave people wondering who this man is. The way your voice booms across the empty expanse and silences everything else is all a part of the attitude of killer body language.

The head.

Keep your head aligned with your body and your chin up. I used to struggle with keeping my head in line. I would usually tilt to the left or right and had no idea I was doing it. keeping your chin up prevents you from at the ground when not actively engaged in conversation. It also has a synergistic effect on the keeping your shoulders back and chest out; everything works together so beautifully.

The art of the handshake

There is a very subtle art when shaking hands that most people are not even aware of. You can approach a handshake in one of three ways. The palm up shows submission,  The palm down shows dominance, and a vertical handshake shows mutual respect. If another man attempts to emasculate you by extending his hand with the palm down, a simple fix is stepping into the handshake with your left foot. This forces him to retract his hand and usually re extend it with the palm vertical. If you want to take it a step further, place your left hand over his while shaking hands or on his elbow; both of these gestures show dominance.

The most powerful stance

This stance screams sex and should be used with caution in certain situations ie work (unless of course you want to seduce your colleagues).

Place your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing outward which allows you to take up space. After doing this, place your hands on your hips.  hook your thumbs into your belt loops and point your fingers towards your groin.
This is an uncommonly sexual pose and is reminiscent of the cowboys in the Wild West, arguably the most dangerous men in history.


All these of these subtle body language secrets are geared towards positioning you as the alpha male. Everyone knows that the alpha male is the most successful whether in business, pleasure, or play. Add these lessons to the fundamentals of game and you will go farther faster than you ever thought possible. You are a man, swallow the red pill and dive into the rabbit hole


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