Why Men Love Women That Embrace Their Womanhood

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I am not sure where the erroneous belief came from that is telling our beautiful women the world over to struggle to fit into a size zero. I do not know what led them to believe that they need to paint their faces with pounds of foundation. Most importantly, I do not know why they are not embracing their womanhood. The same things that make us men worth being men is the same thing that makes women worth being women. Our natural gifts and aptitudes. I was talking to a female friend of mine the other day and she told me that men like girls that are super thin, have perfect feet, teeth, and long hair. The first thing that came to my mind was an overwhelming feeling of shame. I was ashamed that we, as men, have allowed our amazing women to forsake their natural beauty in pursuit of artificial constructs. We have allowed them to chase an ideal of beauty so false that in the pursuit of it, they lose the inherent qualities that make them amazing in the first place.

Who doesn’t like a few Curves

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I grew up in the dirty south, we prefer women with a little flesh and that preference has followed me throughout my short life. I have met many models and have dated some as well. They don’t seem to like me very much because I am always force feeding them. The problem with a woman that is too slim is that it can feel like you are going to hurt her when it comes time to put in work in the bedroom. That is just me but from an objective standpoint, men have evolved to like women with curves for two reasons.

  1. They appear healthier and that is important when choosing a mate that will have to bear and protect our children (vestige of evolution).
  2. Women with womanly bodies are more likely to be able to carry a pregnancy to term. The hips of a woman are created in such a way as to allow the easy passage of the unborn child. If a woman has poorly developed or undeveloped hips then it will be much more difficult for her to give birth to children (Another vestige of evolution that we take note of unconsciously).

These things are not as important these days due to advances in medicine and surgical technology. That is kind of irrelevant because our evolutionary drives and instincts have no way of moving as fast as technology. This means that on a visceral level, we still prefer a woman that has a few curves.

Before I continue, I want to make it abundantly clear that when I say a woman with curves, I do not mean someone that has eaten one too many big macs. I mean a woman that takes care of her body in a way that allows her to retain her curves while still being fit. In a nutshell, a healthy woman.

The Hair is Not Much of a Concern

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Honestly speaking, I could care less about the length of a woman’s hair. If its short then it is short (Think Halle Berry). If it is long then it is long. The thing that is important about hair is the overall appearance. It is possible to judge the overall health of an individual by looking at the hair. Fellas, take notes so you can avoid the sick ones like the plague, you can do this by:

1. Looking to see if she has limp dry hair which can be a sign of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body is not producing enough of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone is responsible for making sure our metabolisms continue to run smoothly. The effects of this condition are weight gain, less energy, depression, fatigue, easily getting cold etc. All in all not a pretty condition to hook up with.

2. Play with her hair and check her dandruff. We all get dandruff that a little head and shoulders can cure but when the dandruff is thick and scaly, it can be a sign of psoriasis. This is an autoimmune disease that causes the skin to snap into overdrive and produce too much of itself. Not a pretty sight once it moves beyond the hair.

3.Alright, last one. When you get to the girls house to take her out on a date. Take a quick peak at her hairbrush. If the hair is coming out in clumps, it may be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome (That was a mouthful). This happens as a result of a woman’s hormones being maligned and can cause problems in ovulation which is directly linked to the ability to get pregnant. Over time it can degenerate into diabetes and heart complications

Note: It is NOT LIKELY that a woman you meet will have any of these issues but you should just be on the safe side right?


A healthy woman is priceless

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There is nothing sexier than a woman who is healthy. In a study published by  the national cancer society, it was discovered that generally healthy women are less likely than men to get head and neck cancers. The benefits a heathy woman accrues to herself is hard to quantify but they more than outweigh any other alternative

A healthy woman equals healthy habits and when your partner has healthy habits then you have no choice but to inherit some of them. That is the very nature of women, when they love you then they want the best for you. A girl I was dating a few years ago had a habit of eating fruits for breakfast. At the time, I had a habit of eating nothing for breakfast, usually running on E until about one or two in the afternoon. Needless to say, she almost talked me to death as she slowly forced me to start eating breakfast with her every morning. If she did not stay at my house that night then she would bring me breakfast at work (I met her through work, we went to the same café for lunch). Eventually I picked up the habit and even now that we have gone our separate ways, I feel incomplete without that morning bowl of fruit.

That is just a personal example but I am sure that we all have those kinds of women in our lives. Maybe it’s your mother, or your sisters, or just a good friend. Healthy women are priceless and there is nothing that will change my opinion on that.

The Personality is the Single Most important Quality

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I admit, we go for the physical things first. A gorgeous face and an amazing body are the things that attract us and get us through the door. What keeps us in the house is another matter entirely. Have you ever dated a really gorgeous girl but her personality was shit? It seems like the more aware a woman is of her beauty, the less she has to try to actually be an interesting person. Personally, I’m very fond of making women work for me. That way, her personality can come through and I will know very early in our interaction whether this is one night stand material or long term relationship material.

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There is no way for a woman to hold our attention over the long term if she cannot even manage thirty minutes of stimulating conversation. As I am getting older and find myself getting closer to settling down, I see myself getting attracted to more bookish women. The ones that are gorgeous but do not know how truly beautiful they are, inside and out. I am an avid reader (I can finish a two hundred page book in two days) so I have a lot of miscellaneous knowledge floating around in my head. If A woman is able to keep up with me when I am actively engaged in my idle musings, then she has automatically earned herself a place as a keeper.

This is my personal preference but when you are looking for a woman that you can form a long term relationship with, it is important to make sure she has more than looks. Decide early on whether your personalities are a good fit together. This is extremely easy to figure out, just trust your gut. When I was a little younger my gut would tell me everything that I needed to know but I would ignore it because the girl in front of me was so damn fine.

Don’t do that, it’s the quickest way to become entangled in a fruitless relationship when you could be out experiencing the world.


I know I am not alone when I say that a woman that is not ashamed to be herself is beautiful. As men, we know that they can be irrational at times and make subjective decisions when they should be making objective ones. We take all these things in stride because they are our other half and deserve to be treated as such. The only time we do not treat them like the queens they should be is when they do not act like it. This happens more and more often and it is up to us. People like you and I to bring the, back to their senses and embrace their womanhood.

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