Start at the Genesis


In the beginning there was man and man was blessed abundantly until his fall. When he fell, he lost much more than his position in paradise; he also lost his indomitable will and his pure audacity.

With this loss came the root of all man’s problems; his fear, his struggle, and his mediocrity.

 An Indomitable Life


Indomitable: that which CANNOT BE SUBDUED or overcome. As persons, will, or courage; unconquerable.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

The Audacious ones


Audacious: Extremely BOLD OR DARING, recklessly brave. Extremely ORIGINAL; without restriction to prior ideas.

“The first quality that is needed is audacity”
-Winston Churchill

Indomitable Audacity is what we need


We were not born to play second string

We were not born to settle for mediocrity

We were born to SEIZE OUR DESTINY

Indomitable Audacity is a road less traveled

It is not for all men

It is not for most men

It is for men that will commit to it for an eternity

Indomitable Audacity is a community


We observe winning and losing

We understand traditional competition

But we practice brotherhood

If you only want to drive your fellow man into the dust
then you are not ready for Indomitable Audacity,
come back when you are more mature.

Indomitable Audacity is the Middle Way


Life cannot be truly lived without moderation

Excess in anything is detrimental

We love and hate, play and work, cry and laugh; we are not Greek Gods reborn but men that attempt fearlessly and accomplish masterfully

Too much losing creates inferiority

The least travelled path is also the most important one, the middle way

Indomitable Audacity is a sublime competition


Inspire awe in those around you

Inspire awe by your will to succeed

Inspire awe in your accomplishments

The most sublime completion is not with your fellow man but with yourself

Welcome to indomitable Audacity


Take a look at the following articles to immerse yourself in Indomitable Audacity.

The Head

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The Middle Way

Daniel Ndukwu image 1I live life through the middle way. I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. I stopped competing with my fellow man and I began to create. I create opportunities, relationships, and wealth. My network is strong and it is becoming stronger.

I work online and offline. Indomitable Audacity is my child, I do not play with my first born and I ask that you don’t either.
This is a community, not only a website. This is a lifestyle, not just a series of articles.
Either you’re with it or against it, there is no middle ground.
You’ll learn much and improve greatly.
I write so that you can understand and apply.

I write to express my inner longings.

I write to practice my craft.

I write to inspire you.

That means that there is enough information in our articles that’ll allow you to take action. If you are looking for a quick fix, I suggest you keep moving.
Comments are appreciated but if you leave negativity it will be deleted.
If you like what you see share, if you appreciate the lifestyle then subscribe.



I bid you welcome to Indomitable Audacity – Attempt Fearlessly and Accomplish Masterfully

Daniel Ndukwu

Founder of Indomitable Audacity














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  • Rose Loxen /

    Good day Daniel, firstly you are an amazing writer and inspiring. I always Google word, quotes or prayers online and just yesterday the 19th March for the first time I came across your work and I love it especially the writing about women. I could never read,speak or wright English I learn through the years and has become better over the years and online and people like you guys has a big effect on me.
    Thank you and I will keep reading your work from know on and pass it on to my kids.

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