the curse of the gifted

The Curse of The Gifted

The Curse of the Gifted There were two of them, both alluring in their own way. One was exotic, mysterious, and magnetic. She pulled me into her embrace and promised me excitement with every touch. There was never a dull moment as I basked in her aura. She knew just where to touch me to […]


the beauty of a woman

The Beauty Of A Woman

An ode to the beauty of a woman I’m always writing about the beauty of a woman because they’re important in the lives of every man whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Part of our job is to make sure that they embrace the raw womanhood that makes them so amazing. Not the […]


Cheers to the Success

5 Ways to Make Success a Way of Life

From the very moment you’re brought into the world, (especially if you’re a cute baby) everyone is planning how successful you’ll be; how you’ll live your life. The unfulfilled dreams and aspirations of your parents are projected onto you and you’re pressured to perform. If you’re lucky, you’ll want the exact same thing as your […]


increase productivity image

How I Increased my Productivity 350% in 30 days [Case Study]

Just a heads up: I provided the exact resources, templates, and scripts you can use to increase your productivity Being productive is like when Popeye eats spinach, anything is possible. But, The distractions in life are very real you want to do it and know it’ll make your life better. You buy a new program […]

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